The most professional Package of Spongilla Spicules Raw Material

Sample tube and standard bottle

Why is important?

Our statistics show that unprotected package results in an 11% ~ 42% broken needle rate.

SQT customized super transparent and high hardness polypropylene (HDPE) microcentrifuge tube and bottle for samples and the finished product which environmental protection and toxic effects were approved by SGS Food Grade

SQT® Package Details

Anti-bacterial and anti-stress HDPE boosts SQT® spongilla spicule 2.0 packaging upgrade

SQT® Hydrolyzed Sponge Package videos

The brutal test for paper case of hydrolyzed sponge

The customized HDPE of Sponge Spicule Powder

The Packaging procedures of Spongilla Spicules

1.Filling preparation

2.Filled in Sterile

3.Disinfect after filled

4.Proper Storage



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