Dongjiang Lake, Hunan
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Spongilla spicule under the microscope

DongJiang Lake  is located in Chenzhou city. Coordinates is 25.83°N 113.36°E, it covers an area of 200 square kilometers, the quaility of water is the National Level-I Surface Drinking Water

Lake Spongilla Lacustris Auct. habitat conditions are rigorous, water temperature, water quality, climate, and lighting duration.

That’s the reason our base is located at DongJiang Lake which has suitable environment for Lake Spongilla Lacustris.

Spongillidae Structure has the shape with flat thin layer and compact structure, clear radial fibers and intact spicules. The skeletal architecture of lake Spongilla laustris Auct. is generally is cylindrical and spindle-shaped or slightly curved, spicule is smooth and pointed at both ends (Amphioxea).

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