Q: What’s the INCI name and CAS# of spongilla spicule?
  • INCI name: Hydrolyzed sponge
  • INCI NO.: 06306
  • CAS#: null
  • HS No.: 2938909090
Q: Why us?
  1. SQT® had focused researching on Spongilla Spicule for 7 years, is the only company of professional R&D + production.
  2. Possessed 4 invention patents and 7 utility model patents, continued technical improvements, upgrades and optimization of product performance
  3. First proposed the SQT® Spongilla Spicules 2.0 standards for: New extraction process, Food Grade safety, Top quality, Top content, Top integrity, Top purity and

Environment friendly.

4 SQT® Sunshine Biotech became the 2019 National High-tech Enterprise and Top seller of China.

5 The quality and production are stable, sufficient inventory, fast delivery in 24hr.

6 Customer interests is the priority of us, devote to develop the customer purchase experience, strong technical reserve and excellent after-sales service.

Q: How does Spongilla Spicule Beauty Therapy works?

· To arouse self-healing ability, promote collagen and elastin proliferation, to regenerate 8 % of the thickness of the epidermis.

· To penetrate epidermal layer, create millions of micro channels and promote skin’s absorption( X100)

Q: What are the difference from Spongilla Spicules Beauty Therapy (SSBT) and Traditional Microneedle Therapy System (TMTS)?

SSBT has all merits from TMTS, and its advantages are:

Painless – Spicule’s needle is much tiny and much thinner, slight pain feeling, never punctual blood vessel and never cause bleeding;

Safe – Greatly reduce the risk of infection, and skip the process of professional storage and sterilization, and eliminate the possibility of cross infection;

Convenient – Unlimited application space, no need professional treatment, no need skin anesthetic;

Efficient – The recovery period and skin renew period of SSBT is 3 days and 7days, compare with TMTS is 7 days and 15-20 days.

Q: What is the period of effectiveness?

Generally speaking, 7 days could be effective.

From the date of of spicule implanting, the skin will come through: Basal Activating→Collagen Reproducing→Epidemis Repairing→Metabolic Renewal.

The most of user will finish SSBT process with glossy renewed skin in 7 days.

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Q: Can you provide some free samples?

Yes, 5g free samples is available for testing if you would like to pay for the freight.

Q: What’s the size and specifications of your hydrolyzed sponge?

We offer the best specification: 98%

The size of spicules is: Length: 180um-250um and Diameter:10um-20um.

The Report Of Sampling Data is available.

Q: What’ s your annual production? Can you keep the stable supply?

Our monthly production capacity is 200Kg and considerable amount products were stored to ensure the stable supply for our clients.

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