Hunan Sunshine Biotech Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy,  7 years of deep research to ensure the most professional and provides top-quality natural raw materials of hydrolyzed sponge extract powder to cosmetics industries.

SQT keeps innovating and optimizing is devoted to being the best manufacturer of Hydrolyzed sponges in the world!

Dr. Henry Qin - the CEO / founder of Hunan Sunshine Biotech Co., Ltd.

SQT Philosophy

SQT Sunshine:




SQT Vision

To Build National Origin, To Make Industrial Benchmark, To Establish Global Legendary

SQT Mission

Make the World Enough Health and Sunshine

SQT Position

We only supply high quality, unadulterated, healthy products!

We Make the World Enough Health and Sunshine!

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