The Purpose of the SQCAS

The value of SQT Quality Control and Appraisal System (SQCAS) is ensuring our clients can receive the hydrolyzed sponge extract powder from SQT are complying with 5 principles:






How does the SQCAS work

Rigorous evaluation and review of upstream suppliers including 6 factors:

· Personnel competent and training

· Location of Plantation and Factory

· Facility and equipment adequate

· Processing in international standards

· Sanitary for all aspects

· Storage in a controlled place

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The Procedure of the SQCAS

The appraisal system including 6 steps for the entire industrial chain of the raw material plantation, products producing, QA&QC, Packaging & Storage, Delivery:

· Raw Materials Plantation Selection

· Producing Factory Evaluation

· Environment Green Protection

· Production Processing Standards

· Rigorous Quality Control System

· Produce Traceability Solution

The goal of Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times.

SQCAS Evaluation System

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