SQT 98% Content of Spongilla Spicules

content of Biological silicon calculate for Spongilla Peel

The content of Bio-silicon determined by Gelatin Coagulation Gravimetric Method:

*The international standards of content were adopted by SGS // GB/T5009.3-2016

The formula of Gelatin Coagulation Gravimetric Method:

The purity of Biological silicon calculate on the W1 mass fraction of SiO2,  the numerical value in %, a calculation based on formula A.1

W1=(M1-M2)/M0×100% ….. A.1

* M1 — Sample residue and Mass of nickel crucible(g).

M2 — Mass of nickel crucible(g).

M0 — Mass of sample(g)

Use the arithmetic mean value Of the Parallel result, the absolute difference of two parallel results should not matter than 0.2%.

Result of SiO2 Content Test

Use the arithmetic mean value of Parallel Result

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