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Dongjiang Lake, Hunan

DongJiang Lake​

DongJiang Lake is located in Chenzhou city. Coordinates are 25.83°N 113.36°E, it covers an area of 160 km², has a subtropical humid monsoon climate, with suitable temperature, abundant rainfall and sufficient sunshine, the quality of water is the National Level-I Surface Drinking Water

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Lake Spongilla Lacustris Auct.​

Lake Spongilla Lacustris Auct.​ is habitat conditions are rigorous, water temperature, water quality, climate, and lighting duration. That’s the reason our base is located at DongJiang Lake which has a suitable environment for Lake Spongilla Lacustris.

Spongilla spicule under the microscope

Lake Spongilla Structure​

The Spongillidae Structure has a shape with a flat thin layer and compact structure, clear radial fibers, and intact spicules. The skeletal architecture of lake Spongilla laustris Auct. is generally is cylindrical and spindle-shaped or slightly curved, spicule is smooth and pointed at both ends (Amphioxea).

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